LED Projects

Some our recent LED project include the following:

Savings Bank - Cambridge, MA

The old recessed CFL lighting was 30 watts which provided poor lighting and a lot of maintenance. Using SILESCENT LIGHTING LED products, we were able to provide a retrofit solution using only 14 watts to increase the lighting levels and reduce lamp replacement by 80%.

Condominium Hallways - Brookline, MA

The original lighting was surface mounted fixtures with 45 watts of CFL lamps. Using SILESCENT LIGHTING LED retrofit kits, we were able to provide a 14 watt solution which provided more light and greatly reduced maintenance. The middle photo shows the new lighting with 1 old fixture in the background. The right photo is a closeup of the same.

Office Building - Burlington, MA

Using 3 different wattages of SILESCENT LIGHTING LED products, we were able to provide a more energy efficient and lower maintenance system versus the originally specified CFL system.

Service Station - Woburn, MA

Using GLOBAL TECH LED kits, we were able to provide  retrofit solutions for the pole lights, canopy lights and wallpacks. Energy savings will be 75% and maintenance will also be significantly reduced.

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